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The Winnebago Area Museum began as an outgrowth of the 1976 Bicentennial celebration for the nation.


Interested citizens realized there was a need for a museum. They wrote a grant and applied for funding. A fundraising committee was started and the group began planning a museum.

The Winnebago Area Museum was dedicated in 1977. The city provided a small budget to the museum that has been tended by a loyal volunteer group to this day. The community has continued their support with gifted items to the museum throughout the years.

 Because of the dedicated local community, the Winnebago Area Museum has remained free to all visitors!



Blank Notebook

The Officers and Board Members

Hazel McCrury – President

Pete Haight - Vice Chair Person

Colette Meidinger – Secretary

Jean Anderson - Treasurer

Stevan Miner – Board Member

Yvonne Hanks – Board Member

Carol Hill – Board Member

Jerome Behnke – Board Member

Herb Pederson – Board Member

Danny Rynearson – Board Member

Merodee Grannis – Board Member

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